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Company Profile

Interavia Aero Inc. is a supporter of Commercial and General Aviation sales. All practices and proceduers meet or excced the FAA requirements defined in FAA AC 00-56, in accordance with the Tac 2000 Standard. Interavia Aero Inc. realizes that your business has a critical need for timely, FAA and JAA approved aircraft parts at a competitive price. There is alson an increasing demand for more personalized attention to the needs of the aircraft parts buyer in our more aggressive global marketplace. Your companys total satisfaction is our first priority and our goal.
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Our mission is to provide quality, certified airframe components, engine and engine material; we also offer professional engine management services that minimize financial resources.
Surplus Inventory Management and Sales Support  
Interavia Aero Inc. has the expertise to effectively liquidate any inventory currently held by our customer that is deemed to be surplus. Surplus inventory includes material that is no longer appropriate for the current fleet of aircraft due to fleet changes, modification or changes in OEM or FAA specifications. Additionally, any material in which quantities exceed requirements for a specified future period will be identified as surplus and marketed accordingly. All customer material may be stored with consignor or in Interavia Aero Inc. insured warehouse, held in strict accordance with FAA practiced regulations and in accordance with Quality Control standards. Surplus material managed on a consignment basis will be marketed as aggressively as Interavia Aero Inc. owned material. Interavia Aero Inc. continually strives to maintain the highest levels of performance in providing all the above services discussed and will be flexible to the needs of our customer relating to marketplace fluctuations. This ensures and effective aircraft management team in the best interest of our customer and long-term profitable partnership. Interavia Aero Inc. is committed to success through excellence.  

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